Doi Inthanon Challenge

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Doi Inthanon is, in my opinion, one of the hardest cycling climbs in the world. It is very long, very steep and very high. The higher you go the steeper it gets while at the same time the amount of available oxygen decreases.

This year my goal was to ride… En lire plus

Like a brother >>>>

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It has been a long time since I had such a great feeling while training with someone.
Like a brother. No need to talk. We just know what we need to do. We know how to help each other in order to maximize and enjoy our training.
Yesterday we planned… En lire plus


2015 will be a big year for me and Team Singha Infinite. Towards the end of last year the team had a lot of success and during the transition to 2015 we have recruited three more riders, John Catrall from UK, David Christenson from the USA and K.Keng from Thailand.… En lire plus


New Kit Limited Edition Cyclist Point Polka Dot Red or Blue.
Size available XXS,XS,S,M,L,XL

Light weight body fit and Quick dry

Review :
Quick dry French Fabric in the front and under arm with the full/Open zip.
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Order… En lire plus

Chalet 1

Coming soon
Trip during the Tour de France 2015 with Training Camp Peter by “Peter Pouly” from 14 July to 26 July 2015
11 days immersion in the most prestigious cycling race in the world (2 days of travelling)
You will ride l’étape du tour on July 19: Saint Jean… En lire plus

Ride to Doi Chaang

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Today I ride by the new road to the Doi Chaang was very tough training I went there with my MTB INFINITE INVERSE and I need the all gear.

Check the segment on Strava the grade are so steep:… En lire plus


After we got back to Thailand after a long journey from Indonesia and winning the Tour de Ijen we had two days of training before the start of Masters Tour of Chiang Mai.

Our Manager Wisut told us the training would be useful because the whole team is here and… En lire plus


I still have some difficulty comprehending what the team and I have done….
I will be 37 years old this year.  After 11 years as a pro rider in MTB I stopped cycling for 5 years and only restarted after I moved to Thailand. Quickly my legs came back and… En lire plus

Sans titre1

TCP Training Camp
October 28-November 2, 2014
5 days of memorable training in beautiful Chiang Rai
The tranquil province of Chiang Rai, located in the middle of the golden triangle, offers a variety of both natural and cultural attractions: from witnessing the breathtaking, pristine mountain sceneries, green rice paddies to… En lire plus

photo 5

This year has not been the same as last year, my life has changed since last November and it’s getting harder to maintain my fitness.

However I didn’t give up and luckily my employer gave me two weeks off to do some extra training in Chiang Rai. It was a… En lire plus

Capture d’écran 2014-08-12 à 18.45.16

With just two weeks to go until the Haute Route Alps, my Singha Infinite teammate Nicolas and I had a weekend training camp in Chiang Rai, the perfect place for training and with perfect weather.

On the first day we rode to Doi Tung and we checked our lactate levels… En lire plus


L’Etape du Tour is a very big event, with more then 10000 riders from all the world taking part.
The Race,
The first group to start contained 1000 riders and as I was stuck in the middle I lost a bit of time there, so I chased for the first… En lire plus

Marmotte GranFondo 2014

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La Marmotte is also known in France as “la Doyenne”, it is one of the world’s oldest and most famous races and it is open to everyone interested in riding some of the legendary roads of the Tour de France under race conditions.

It is a chance for everyone… En lire plus

Singha Infinite Cycling Team

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Teaser… En lire plus


Team Singha Infinite (Golf/Game/Peter)
I initially came to Chiang Rai for training, and after a good training session on Friday I decided to help my teammates in the Singha 12 hours Endurance Race. It was a very crazy and very challenging race, and also very new to me.

My teammates… En lire plus


I still have a lot of work to do to be fit, but I am happy with my riding during the past 10 days. I participated in the Tour of Friendship, a training camp in Chiang Mai and finally 3 days of racing in Phayao for the King’s Cup.
The… En lire plus


A race is a race and even though it’s known as the ‘Tour of Friendship’ we are all competitors!

I was very happy this year with how the race went, with all stages won by the strongest riders.
Team Singha Infinite has started to develop and strengthen, and the… En lire plus


When I saw last October that the World Championships will be held in Laissac, France in 2016, it gave me a goal for the next 3 years. I decided to join the MTB World Cup this year not particularly to win, but to familiarize myself with the standard of the… En lire plus


The dream continues!  I am very proud to be the first rider to wear the official new Singha Helmet, personally airbrushed by the very talented artists at Singha, and designed exclusively for Team Singha Infinite riders.

I have two helmets in Black and Gold.

I will wear one for the… En lire plus


GOAL was accomplished for Coco, Jules, Franck and Cyrille
Discovery Thailand
Learn how to train beside Peter Pouly

Big Buddha “Chinese Buddha”

Fun ride and laugh time with Coco

Steep climb “Peter Like it”

Nice hotel DUSIT Chiang Rai

Franck Suffering

Cyrille get a lot of Painful

Ride together like… En lire plus

Last weekend was held in Chiang Mai. Team INFINITE took part in this event with four riders : Peter, Nicolas, Eric and Ball.
It was a special race and the goal was to ride as a team throughout the 140km long mountainous route, which wound its way off the beaten… En lire plus

The Doi Inthanon climbing race

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On Sunday the 16th of February, the famous Doi Inthanon climbing race was held. Lots of our TCP athletes took part in this event and did their best to get a good time. They all did very well and achieved their targets.
Indeed, on the 47kilometers :
-Duang completed the… En lire plus

Ronda Pilipinas stage 13

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oh boy… where should I start…
let’s start all the way from how the race went a day ago on stage 12… and so, it went the way we wanted it to. the whole race was controlled by Team 7Eleven and Road Bike Philippines (again, these two teams are one,… En lire plus

Ronda Pilipinas Stage 11

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Today is the last big mountain stage where Team Infinite Singha Peter Pouly can finally take time and seal the tour once and for all… and that’s at least what was in our mind.
you hear it for the first time here… on the evening of the rest day before… En lire plus

Stage 9 brief race report!

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today’s 102.1km was going to be short but definitely going to be fast for a mountainous stage!
the pace was furious right from KM zero. vinny was ordered by the “boss” Peter Pouly to stay in front and even asked to “go”… and so he went on a pretentious break… En lire plus


Stage 6, a 156km day with 5km climb right from the start! nothing too difficult until the 117km KOM which featured a 8km cat 3 drag to the top and at 149.5km, a steep cat 3 climb before a short 3.5km dash to the line.
this stage will bring us… En lire plus


on paper, it looked like a typical day with rolling hills, flats, more rolling hills, then the KOM1 at KM78, a cat 4 climb, followed by KOM 2 at KM121, a cat 3 short but steep climb… then it’s down and flat all the way to the line.
right from… En lire plus

Ronda Pilipinas Stage 3

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it was 5am, was awoken by the sound of serenity in the mountain top city of Tayatak. something drew me to wake up earlier than usual today and i remembered, I wanted the confirmation of yesterday’s results.
to the hotel lobby and there it was, the result booklet. now, we… En lire plus

Oh boy, where shall we start!

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let’s start from the usual, meeting for breakfast, and preparing to move to another hotel to the transfer form hotel to stage 2 starting point.
you can imagine the traffic of Manila, but with the race convoy, we ruled and got to the start point without a hitch.
again, the… En lire plus

Stage 1 Ronda Pilipinas

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1st Feb 2014 : Stage 1 (2 hours + 3 laps around a fast 2km circuit)
spirit was high but we were all feeling anxious, as it the first stage always produce surprises.
we all gathered for breakfast in the race hotel and rode with the convoy to the race… En lire plus


Last weekend was the first round of the King’s Cup cycling event at Mae Sai. In the Elite category, almost 90 riders took part. The race was 145kms and very flat. The Infinite Team riders were not particularly suited to this type of course (They prefer more hilly courses) but… En lire plus


Congratulation to Duang…After having concluded the season 2013 by a win on the Master Tour of Chiang Mai, he starts very well the season 2014 getting a very good second place at Mae Sai Time Trial even the track, almost flat, was not at one’s best. His TCP coach is… En lire plus

Souvenir Souvenir!!!

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Do you know that in 1995, 1998, 1999, 2004 and 2005,  TCP head coach Peter Pouly was the French National Mountain Bike and XC Champion? What a prestigious honour !!!
Here are some pictures of Peter on top of the podium in 1998 and 1999.
Not only that, but… En lire plus


On the 22nd of December 2013 took place the cycling hill climb of Doi Chang Moop. Being one of the favourite for this race, our rider got quickly the advantage and could win the race with a large gap.
Congratulations to him!!!
The Team INFINITE SINGHA finishes the year on… En lire plus

Happy New Year 2014 Best Wishes

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A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself:)… En lire plus

This week the SEA Games (South East Asian Championships) were held in Myanmar. Training Camp Peter and Infinite Singha team member Alex Ariya Destribois (Laos/France) had been chosen to represent the Laos national team. After a disappointing result in Sunday’s Time Trial, Alex was very motivated for the Road Race… En lire plus


3 KUDOS to Lao cyclist Alex Distribois-Coudroy who took the gold medal for the 163km cycling road race at the Sea Games in Myanmar last Thursday.
A well balance training programme is essential
A good coach is important
A healthy lifestyle is crucial
A strong mentality, perseverance and determination are… En lire plus


Would you like to join our cycling community at Peter’s Cyclist Point in Chiang Rai?  We meet every Wednesday morning, where you are most welcome to join our group ride.

However this ride is more than just a ride! It is above all a social gathering, to make new friends… En lire plus


On the 7th of December 2013 the next race in the 2013-2014 Thai cycling calendar, the Queen’s Cup was held at Hua Hin. As is usual for this race, the standard was high. Peter POULY (France) and the leader of Team INFINITE SINGHA took part. Fresh from his victory at… En lire plus


The Team INFINITE SINGHA on all fronts!!!

This last week end, 3 of the Team INFINITE SINGHA riders took part in the famous cycling hill climb of Phu Ta Boek (a 18kms climb with some very steep part).

And it was again a success…indeed, Peter POULY (France) got the 1st place,… En lire plus


This last weekend, two of our TCP athletes took part in the Masters Tour of Chiang Mai in their own age category (40+): Duang and Pwinn. Pwinn took part in his first stage race. He did a good race with, in particular, a great Time Trial. The different advices that… En lire plus


This last Tuesday took place the 4th and last stage of the Masters Tour of Chiang Mai: a 80kms hilly stage with two hard climbs. The Team INFINITE SINGHA did its best and it was just a fantastic day for the riders of the Team. Indeed, after having controlled the… En lire plus


Today was the third stage of The Masters Tour of Chiang Mai: a 8kms Time Trial hilly but especially very technical. It was just a perfect day for the Team INFINITE SINGHA. Indeed the team took the four first places of the stage. Peter Pouly (France) got the victory, Alex… En lire plus


Today was the second stage of the Masters Tour of Chiang Mai. As yesterday, the team INFINITE SINGHA did very well and more: indeed, today the team added the victory. After having control the race from the start to the end and with a perfect team work, our sprinter Vincent… En lire plus


Today was the first stage of the Masters Tour of Chiang Mai: a 88kms road race mass start with a KOM at the half way. It was also the first official race for the Team INFINITE SINGHA:
-Peter POULY from France
-Alex DESTRIBOIS from France/Laos
-Nicolas MAGNAN from Canada
-Morgan… En lire plus


Every cyclist are Welcome in our shop Cyclist Point

Coffee by Roast Coffee
Hot and Fresh drink
Fresh Fruit
French Sirop
Pasta Al’ dente
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Club Sandwich
Free Wifi
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and all advice about cycling

 … En lire plus


Here is a small review about this weekend: This weekend a Singha Mountain Bike race took place at Singha Park, which is a very beautiful area in Chiang Rai.


Our well-known coach, Peter Pouly, took part as well and he managed to win the race even though Kohei… En lire plus


This last sunday took place The Tour of Pongneep. This 180kms ride, was a perfect opportunity for some of our TCP riders to apply the final lessons and advices given by their TCP coach. All of them completed this long race with success and enjoyed it a lot. Riding smartly,… En lire plus


Our first Smart Training Camp has just finished. It was a fantastic experience for the athletes who took part. Pwinn, Joe and Pee left the camp very happy after learning many new things during the week. They are now able to apply these news kills
from the TCP Coach into their… En lire plus

 … En lire plus


Today was the last day of our Training Camp. We could think it was an unlucky day in the morning when we saw a heavy rain from the window, the solution was quickly found by the TCP Coach: This last Training will be a lactate test on trainer with a… En lire plus


Today was « Cleaning Legs Day ». After our challenging long ride yesterday, the legs of the « Athlètes » were a bit tired. So we focused on recovering thanks to our spécial TCP interval program. After this exercise, the athlètes are ready for tomorrow : a long ride to the famous mountain… En lire plus


For the third day of the Training Camp, the weather was not too good but the desire of the athletes was still very high. This ride was an Endurance Ride: a 3 hours endurance negative split ride during which one the athletes learnt about ridding smartly. The goal was to learn… En lire plus


Today was the second day of our Training Camp. After the analysis of our previous ride yesterday, the “TCP Athletes” could apply the first advices. The goal today was quite simple: Recovering after the tough ride of yesterday. Recovery ride is  2 hours 30 mins, on a flat road with special… En lire plus

Today was the first day of our well-know Training Camp Peter. Five riders have joined the camp this time: Pwinn, Joe, P’, Ball and Philip. This first ride is good opportunity to know more riders. For this the goal of this ride was to evaluate each riders on the Challenging… En lire plus


En lire plus


En lire plus


1st Day
“ BIKE CHECK “ We will provide transport to pick you up at the airport. We will ensure that your bike is ready for riding the following day. After that, there will be a TCP dinner at a Local restaurant in Chiang Rai
2nd Day
“ TIME TO ROCK THE… En lire plus


TCP Athletes who competed in last week end cycling race in Chiang Mai.
Winner open: Alex Coudroy
Third open: Nicolas Magnan
Fourth +30years: Ball… En lire plus

Cyclosport Magazine

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I Like Yellow… En lire plus


Is Done!!!! I got the 2nd place

Is a very very big challenge, my first impression is so strange about this race, you can never push very hard, because you know if you push to hard to early you can’t touch the summit.

All the race you try to keep… En lire plus

Team Bikenet Life&Living Training Camp Peter Pouly

En lire plus

photo 1

The Master Tour Of Chiang Mai was be organize by Wisut “TUM” he was the very strong rider and still very fast guys. “Tum” know a lot think about cycling and help the cycling growing up in Thailand last year it’s was the 1st Master Tour of Chiang Mai this… En lire plus