Singha Park Endurance 12 hours. Once a rider, always a rider, whether in rain, hail or shine!

June 1st, 2014 | Posted by peterpouly in PETER POULY | TEAM

Team Singha Infinite (Golf/Game/Peter)

I initially came to Chiang Rai for training, and after a good training session on Friday I decided to help my teammates in the Singha 12 hours Endurance Race. It was a very crazy and very challenging race, and also very new to me.

My teammates started at 7am, and when I went out we were in third place overall and trailing a few minutes behind the leaders. After 2 hours I had caught up to the leaders and was able to open a gap of 6 minutes. At the time we felt we could manage the gap but 2 hours later we had lost our advantage. I went out again and riding in the extreme heat I managed to catch up to and stay with the leaders. At that time I knew it was going to be a very long day!
My teammates went out again and initially built a gap of about 2min 30sec, but brutally they then lost a lot of time and also the lead, falling behind by about 7 minutes. Then it started raining and there was a big storm. I came back in again and within one hour I had caught up to the leaders.

photo 3
We decided to change our strategy and take turns every 2 laps to keep fresh and avoid losing too much time, but as the finish approached we were still about 3 minutes behind. At 6pm I decided to give 100% and ride the last hour, and I got back to within about 50 sec of the leaders but then I began to feel pain all over my body. I had pains in my arms, I couldn’t feel my hands, and my vision went blurry, so I stopped for the last lap. My teammates went out again and fought back to within 30 sec of the lead.
In the end we finished in second place overall.
Thank you to Game, Golf and the Singha Infinite Staff for taking care of my bike. We gave 100% of everything we had.

The 12 hours Endurance Race at Singha Park, Chiang Rai. The toughest 1 day race in the most beautiful terrain in Asia, 260kms long!

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  • Neale

    It was fun watching you guys manage that kind of pace for 12hrs along with pee beeacks kids. Very impessive!